The training sessions take place at Ecser city, near the airport!


        Is personal training to expensive?

        Aside buying a monthly pass, do you still have to pay extra for the personal trainer?

        You don’t like others holding you up in the gym looking at you, giving you the feeling that you don’t belong there?

        Are you training with four other people and calling it still “personal training”?

        Do feel inferior among those big muscular guys?

        Are you merely pumping muscles neglecting other types of movement? 



I have the solution!


We are going to train and sweat together!


I’m awaiting you in the gym at my home but it is possible to make some workout in the open as well if the weather is nice.


Start package: recommended mainly for beginners who would like to try their hands at the new training methods without getting too exhausted. It’s a gradual getting used to the sport. It lasts one month with 8 occasions maximum. 


Standard package: for those who have already completed the start package or are in better shape and want to make a more dynamic training. This training session contains 12 occasions in one month in order to achieve your goal.


Premium package: is made for those resolute and unflinching individuals who are well trained already and want to attain their goal within a certain time limit. After a personal consultation we are going to make an optimized training plan containing 4 – 5 or even 6 occasions in a week.       


Reasons could be:


        Wanting to have a well shaped body for the summer!

        Wanting to have cube abs!  

        Marriage plans for the summer! 


Important is by this training package to coordinate your workout with professional nourishment planning, and an optimized lifestyle otherwise it won’t be successful!


Separate- or evening-training occasions: consultations cost 3000 HUF