This word reminds us on many things at once. Someone may think on daily movement as a natural part of life, others maybe thinking on agreeable free-time activities, there may be people who don’t think that it has any importance whatsoever. Some people make a living out of it and for some others it remains unfortunately merely a dream because they are disabled.

Yes, those, who are able to enjoy the full freedom of movement, can consider themselves lucky.  There are those who can appreciate this ability and those who just don’t give a damn. One thing is certain though: Human beings cannot possibly exist without movement hence they are alive!

The regularity of our movements has a direct effect on our metabolism, physical appearance, and state of health as well influencing the outcome of job interviews, partner search, and have an effect on many other fields of our social life too. Of course we could deny all this but it wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever.

That’s why it is important to train our muscles – the most energy demanding tissues in our organism – which are responsible for moving our bodies.   




Training is the key to those beneficial, physiological changes mentioned above. It forms our body, maintains our health, and makes us feel good by triggering the release of endorphins into our body. There are many methods of training, and many ways of doing it. One thing is common to all of them though: Moving against a certain resistance is the aim utilizing a well planed, gradually implemented method in order to achieve our goal.




The motives can be very different from one individual to another. Some people want to maintain their health, others want to shape their bodies or make a living out of the sport. One thing is certain; it concerns individuals with different abilities, and ambitions.


Personal trainer


The personal trainer is helping you, according to his best knowledge, to achieve your goals with the highest quality, and within the shortest time possible concerning your own abilities, and talents. We are not merely talking about professional expertise here but also about giving the clients the necessary psychological buildup and mental support as well.


Nutritional planning


It is very important to understand nutritional effects! We should have some knowledge about the food sources available to us and should know also how much, and what kind of food is appropriate for us in order to achieve our goal. Nutrition has a purpose of fueling, and building up our bodies and it is a source of pleasure as well. That is why nutritional planning is so important! Beside the results of modern nutritional science research, there are of course religious, spiritual, and other nutritional systems too.






Spiritual balance


One of the most important components is spiritual balance. I am sure you have experienced it too that in a certain period of time, due to your good mood, you were able to achieve outstanding performances in spite of your weaker physical state and there were times also when you just couldn’t perform well even if you were stronger by that time. Indeed there is no use denying the truth of the following famous saying; a sound mind in a sound body, because it is 100% accurate. Mind and body are a complete unity and therefore equally important for your wellbeing.




There are a couple of basic rules I have made in order to ensure our successful cooperation for a dynamic progress:


        The price of the season tickets should be paid in advance.

        You can cancel training sessions twice only.

        One season ticket expires within 5 weeks.

        Cancellation for a third time is regarded as a regular training session.

        Incase training sessions are cancelled due to my schedule changes; they will be of course fully compensated by giving you free occasions.