„Often people need to be shocked in order to overcome their apathy!”


If you want to make your dreams come true, you have to work unfortunately often very hard but the results speak for themselves!


        I’ll help you to find the right direction!

        We won’t just pump muscles and eat chicken with rice all day long, but we are going to make a comprehensive plan for multilevel-movement coordination in order to attain our goal!

        Show everybody what you can achieve!

        The “side effects” won’t just be simply good health and better general state of being but also a better, more confident appearance which can make a difference by your social life, and even by those job interviews!


Not merely a new body but new life as well!



My REFERENCE and good friend!

My  REFERENCE and good friend!

Kunigunda Karászi (born 1982) -20kg just in 6 months


This lady (163cm) was weighing 100kg before we started the training. She wasn’t used to making sport on the regular basis previously. After six months of regular training which she executed with great determination making some serious sacrifices, the workout, and the one-hour-long cardio training afterwards have become routine exercises for her from which she has gotten a new life. We congratulate her!


And now let’s read what she herself has to say about that:


I met Andrew in high school where we both belonged to the “chunky league”. Thereafter we were just keeping touch on some social websites for a long time. Than I came to the point where I wanted to have a profound change in my life and, watching Andrew’s amazing success, contacted him. 

He was very kind, and understanding right away which really surprised me because I was terribly overweight but instead of ridiculing me for this, he was genuinely open-minded.

I even forgot my name going to the gym for the first time. “Are you nervous?” he asked me. “Yes, because everybody is looking at me. They’ll laugh at me how I look.” His response was immediate “No one is going to pay attention to you except me!” Toward the end of the training session I was able to calm down because nobody was looking at me indeed. I told him though that it was really not easy for somebody like me who had a bad figure, and no training experience to go to a gym for the first time, but his moral support gave me great strength.

Andrew is really a highly motivated, professional trainer who won’t let you skip the necessary exercises and you’ll be glad about that. Yes, he demanded hard work but it was always great fun to train with him. To the question “How do you find this exercise?” he only accepted one possible answer: “Wonderful!” It wasn’t always easy to say that, he could see that and was smiling, but after a while I truly meant it.

Since then movement has become a part of my life. I miss it dearly if it is not possible for me to train. He has really helped me to find a new quality of life!

I’d like to thank him! 


RESULT!!! My personal success!