About me

About myself


Who am I?


I was born in Budapest, 1982. I’m an average man who had an average childhood with extraordinary dreams. I’ve been always making sport in my entire life. Although I was a fat child, I always participated in all the sport activities in school playing soccer, volleyball, and running the Cooper test as well.

There was just one little problem, I’ve always liked eating, and to tell you the truth, I still like it. As a consequence, I carried a significant extra weight around which had a very negative effect on my joints, and on my health as well not to mention the attitude of the opposite sex toward me.


In the age of 14, as I started high school, I bought my first ticket to a gym from which I had always been dreaming. Yes, I wanted to have big muscles since my early childhood. I begun to attend an aikido-training course and it has become my second great passion besides the workout with weights. I had several unsuccessful attempts to reduce my weight during this period of time.


Are you such a type? – Can’t anyone imagine you having a good figure? – Are you still satisfied with your appearance perhaps because you’re such a nice guy anyway?

But I think you disserve better! You don’t have to accept the opinions that there is nothing to be done, that your heavier bone structure is the cause for your chunky figure.  


We have heard all these, and more… You can deny many things verbally but you can’t cheat the eyes! I felt depressed and miserable for a very long time, finished high school, made my college degree, but I still remained with this dilemma.


2011 I spent one year in Great Britain. I wanted to start a different life which effort has produced me miscellaneous results. I had three jobs, learned to speak fluently English, and worthy of a real fanatical person, my first move was going to the nearest local gym to train. Naturally I found an aikido course as well which I attended also. The days just went by monotonously. I worked, trained and finely came to the point of realizing that I was living in a foreign country, not having an intimate relationship, missing close friendships, family, and the hot summer days. Going to the cinema or to a party, just wasn’t the same as back home. The only thing that remained for me and saved the day was the training after working hours. I have realized that no matter what the future might hold for me, good or bad, I would always have the training! I started to train even more seriously and managed to lose twenty kilograms. Everybody noticed the difference when I came back home. Those might have been hard times but nonetheless a huge advantage as well. Undeniably I went through bigger changes in my life than, let’s say, in five years back home!

I came home, and due to some odd circumstances, enrolled in the Fitness Academy where I spent some the best days of my life. Although I went even to college, I never liked schools very much before but during the trainer course I came to my own. It was a pleasure to work together with my teachers, especially with Schieder Henriette (http://fittlesz.ininet.hu/)  who I think, really deserves to be mentioned here. She works in Székesfehérvár as a personal trainer and is an outstanding professional.

First I hesitated a little thinking, I wouldn’t blend in among those well built, perfectly shaped figures. Though I lost a lot of weight, I still felt not being good looking by that time.

The truth is that for those people there physical training is a crucial element of their lives and they want to become professional in it for themselves and for others as well.


So I decided to become a personal trainer myself! Beside the workout with weights I’ve incorporated bicycling, exercises with body weight in my training plan as well. In October of 2012 I participated in the Super-Body contest with an appearance from which I only could have dreamed the years before. I ran the Balaton half marathon in 2 hours and 19 minutes in November!

I can see here a valid question arising: Have I achieved all these using natural methods only? Hell yes! I can assure you, I haven’t taken any kind of forbidden chemicals, or power enhancers ever! Relying on natural methods only, is one of my strong convictions I try to get across. You can read more about this topic in the Methods menu.


About my goal

I want to point out a method by which the peculiarities of our mindset and human nature aren’t ignored. I would much rather outline comprehensive plans for training, and for a way of life considering those important factors. I am quite certain that you can achieve anything with faith, hard work and sacrifices.



Why me?


We won’t just pump muscles and eat chicken with rice all day long, but we are going to make a comprehensive plan for multilevel movement coordination in order to attain our goal!


I know how you feel, and how much you want a real change!


I’ll help you to find the right way!


We are going to make it together, and I’ll be standing right beside you even if you’ll want perhaps to give it up!  


Do you want more? I’ll show you how to shock the world!


I am not just offering training but want to show you new dimensions!


New body – better general state of being – a happier life – acknowledgment of others!


Not merely new body, new world!